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Look in the direction, not the details...

Steven Furtick, Elevation Church

We look up to feel the wind in our face and wonder, why the shift? Questions start racing in our minds. What happened, why did the wind suddenly go in a different direction?  We rationalize it by saying things like, “typical weather pattern, or well the weatherman was wrong again.” For me, it is welcome to Florida!

What if we thought about life like the wind? Think about this. Life shifts in many directions, just like the wind. With good days, we feel we are on top of the mountain and nothing will stop us. At any given moment your planned day can change like the wind.  Could it be that we are missing the true meaning of the “shifting wind” in our own lives?

Looking at the direction of my life, never did I imagine or plan to be where I am now.  There were no plans with vision boards, in-depth details of where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do.  I did not go out and get a life coach, or pay for someone to mentor or coach me. I purchased self help books, read the bible, joined small groups, and more I am sure that I can’t remember. All of those things are great and no doubt helpful. I just didn’t “plan” it for my life.


Through trusted mentors that are called my true friends.  Some people in my life created moments that were encouraging and helpful, and others we just didn’t’ connect. They were there for a season; I call them acquaintances and I do believe we were there to help each other at the time. I moved on with a quote from one of my dear friends. He always told me, “Try, Fail, Adjust”. These three little words are true words to live by.

I have been blessed with what God gave me in my personal life, and I am deeply grateful. What you don’t know is behind the scenes on the professional side. Long hours on trying to grow my real estate business. Keeping my mindset positive. The battle in my head to stop the comparison of why my business isn’t thriving like others. The questions that go through my mind of why, what, how come, etc. are never ending. The struggle is real people.


For myself, I meditate. Soaking up all the positives in my life and reflecting. Concluding it is not about the details, it is about the direction. For every day that the wind shifts I wonder which direction am I going today? I choose a positive direction and where the day lands is what I was supposed to do for that day. Every day I thank God for all the blessings I have. The close people I have in my life that are supporting me, encouraging me and who believe in me. Moving forward, my circle of friends may be small, I know they are true and genuine.

The true meaning of the shifting wind in your life is in the direction and how you perceive it. ~Connie Farmer

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