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Hope. Kindness. Encouragement. Love.  For those who are struggling with any of these, you are not alone on the journey.  There are many different faiths that touch hearts, you don’t have to be a Christian to have hope, to be kind, to love someone, to be loved.  My heart is touched because of Christ, and that is how I get through this journey called…life.  There is zero judgment here. My purpose is to be an encouragement to others and to love unconditionally.

The featured picture here has a hidden message. I visited a small town a couple hours from me, called Mt. Dora, Florida.  Small, quaint, beautiful town that has so much to offer. You should visit sometime! The kindness from this town is beyond words.  We walked around town and visited many shops.  One shop I will never forget, the first thing I noticed was the ceiling.  When I asked the lady at the desk about it, she says to me, “people gathered together and wrote individual kind messages on each one of those tissue papers and then someone glued them individually on the ceiling to create this beautiful picture of all the kindness we can do for each other.”  Tiny pieces of tissue paper created by the gentle hands of other people who wanted to leave a clear message.  The magnitude of the creative artwork in writing these messages and then gluing these delicate tissues of kindness is beyond what I can imagine. The message, however, speaks volumes.

Where is your message coming from? Harsh words are easy, kindness takes effort, practice, and consistency.  Being kind means taking time and focus away from yourself to show someone else love.  Ellen DeGeneres always says, “Be kind to one another”.  Her smile, message and ability to bring laughter to our world is infectious and simple, it’s about being kind. Tim McGraw has a song called, “Humble and Kind”.  There is a line in his song that says, “don’t take for granted the love this life gives you and when you get where you’re goin’, don’t forget to turn back around.  Help the next one in line”.  These are simple reminders, it only takes a second to reach your hand out and offer a little bit of kindness that will go a long way.

In a world that needs a lot of hope and kindness right now, it’s difficult to extend a hand for fear of catching the virus, search your heart to find another way to extend a hand of kindness. Whatever kindness you extend to others will help change our world and give a hopeful message from above. 

Remember all messages come from above, look up and show a little kindness, regardless of your religion, your faith, or your circumstances, it pays to show a little kindness.

There is always a Message from Above. Look up!

Because I believe. Because I can. Because I will.

Photo credit: Connie Farmer, Mt. Dora, Florida Under the Cherry Blossoms

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